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image depicting 75th Independence Day! Celebrate with Curious Times.

75th Independence Day! Celebrate with Curious Times.

August 15, 2021, marks India’s 75th year of Independence – a day of immense pride for all Indians. 75 years of “freedom in our minds, pride in our souls, faith in one another”.

India is getting stronger across all domains and building its mark in the world. As individuals, it is our duty to strive and contribute towards the progress of our nation and we can start by appreciating the beauty of our country.

Celebrate Together

Share your thoughts with the student community – what do you love the most about India, as the youth of the nation what do you think should be the next steps towards the nation’s progress, which freedom fighter inspires you the most, how can Bharat be truly “aatmanirbhar”, the unsung heroes of the nation, or anything that makes you hold your head high with pride.

Let us salute the nation on this auspicious day by showering our patriotism and the true spirit of being an Indian!

Celebrate this year’s Independence Day with us by showing your patriotism towards the nation through your art, articles, poems, illustrations, creativity and thoughts.

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