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8 reasons why monsoon is magical

1. The scent of earth
The first shower of rain is always special. It makes you shut your eyes and breathe in the ‘petrichor’ — the hypnotic fresh earthy scent.
2. Cloudy sky and cool breeze
After months of searing summer heat, the monsoon is a welcome change. We love the cool weather, cloudy sky and the downpour.
3. Drinking Chai
Endless cups of chai is a must if it’s pouring outside. It is like rain and chai are related and we know it.
4. Playing football in the rain
Nothing can beat the fun of playing football in the rain and getting dirty in the mud. Monsoon brings out the child in all of us.
5. It is the season of love
Who doesn’t love listening to a romantic number or sharing an umbrella close with a loved one. Rain makes the usual things like drinking tea together, more enjoyable and romantic.
6. Being late
If it is raining the whole night, we know that the next day will be a challenge. The trains will be delayed and the roads will be jammed, but we love the challenge that monsoon brings!
7. Rain dance
You are missing something if you have not danced in the rain. With Bollywood dishing out so many rain songs, we are inspired to break into dance whenever it rains.
8. Eating Bhutta
Bhutta or corn is our favourite snack, along with Pakoda, in the rainy season. We can’t help but buy a bhutta every time it rains. So, you can visit your nearest Supermarket and buy yourself some corn on the cob and eat fresh.

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Omkar Kumbhar


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