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A crime we all commit

Yes, you read that correct
A crime we all commit
The crime is an attempt to murder
The victim is no other
But a pulchritudinous woman,
a wonderful marvel
She’s exploited, poisoned,
choked and tortured
She fell prey to such a betrayal
For what she gave us, was this fair?
When plastic choked her throat,
for her breath, we didn’t fight.
Emitted by us, the harmful gases poisoned her
We are such villainous creature
But what is her fault?
Why is she the victim of such assault?
Her lone crime is that
She gives us shelter and food without any VAT.
In spite of all this, she still cares for us, her criminals
She truly is a miracle.
Did you get to know who she is?
A virtuous soul, so unselfish
She is no other
But whom we call our mother
She didn’t give us birth
Still, she is our ‘Mother Earth’
Why do we overlook the fact that if she isn’t there
We will be where?
The convict is not just he or she
But all of us in conjunction, ‘we’.

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10, Delhi Public School Jankipuram Lucknow, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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