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A Lockdown Dream

And I close my eyes

Slip into the world of dreams, 

Of pretty flowers smiling 

Beautiful birds chirping merrily, 

The wind whistling happily

Lush green meadows to infinity, 

With cows grazing Oh! Divinity, 

Alas! I open my eyes 

Only to find a pitiful sight, 

Of gushing thick air 

Through jungles of concrete as though a fair, 

Birds searching for branches to nestle, 

Dolphins no longer in sea

Whining… Oh please let me free!! 

Now that’s a challenge in itself 

To see the green through the ash 

And blue through the black 

Will the lockdown swing a wand 

And bring desired changes to our land.


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Mrinalini P Nair

Grade 4, The Choice School, Kochi, Kerala

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