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Image depicting A Miracle Which Happened for Us Through Us

A Miracle Which Happened for Us Through Us

Image depicting A Miracle Which Happened for Us Through Us

A Miracle Which Happened for Us Through Us

One of the biggest enigmas proposed to homo sapiens to unravel is ‘Life.’ Ironic, isn’t it that we are all living our lives, without knowing what life in sooth means.

For some people, life is a race. They study well, so that they can get a nice job, moreover they work hard so that their children can study in the best schools, and get a nice job and this cycle goes on for generations. But, in my opinion this is not life.

For me, life is taking each moment as it comes, living in the present nonetheless also being prepared for whatever the kismet holds. Furthermore, life is acknowledging the lilliputian moments which are often overlooked, like the simple pleasure of breathing. The idea of finding the purpose of life has always been beguiling. We all have to travel the road for finding the purpose of life some or the other day. Some of us have already begun, some are just getting started and some might feel that they have found the purpose of their lives, but little do they realize that life is not bound to have only one purpose.

Just as the end of one road is the beginning of another, finding one purpose of life is the beginning of a chain which will ultimately lead us of the meaning of life.

We are all living in a labyrinth named Life and once we find our way out of it we shall understand what life is, but most of us lack the courage to leave our happy little space inside the labyrinth and venture out in search of the unknown.

Life is a miracle, a miracle of which we are all part of. Without us life could have not been possible, but without life we could have not been here. We are all interdependent and it is this inter dependency which binds us, which gives us a sense of exhilaration when we help others because by helping them, it is us that we help.

Everybody looks at life from a different perspective and each and every perspective is important, because they belong to individuals who create life and are created by life.

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