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A pure gesture of kindness

Golden Leaves falling from towering trees that stood straight in honor of 27 superhero toddlers proceeding to serve the world. And then came a tall typical Tamil guy, in his white lungi, sweeping those pure 24 karat leaves in a corner and mocking us, “Walk faster with your little legs.” I followed the crowd with my stubby legs gathering around a bronze statue strategically placed on a textured column thrice my height. It was the statue of Louis Braille. On an inclined slate, a briefing introduction was beautifully engraved. Our teachers started narrating to us the long-lost story of Louis Braille and the invention of a reading and writing system for visually impaired people simply known as Braille.
I still remember those fascinated eyes eagerly looking towards the statue but my curiosity wouldn’t let me stop wondering about the mapped texture of the tall column. Suddenly the door of that refined and cultured castle unfurled. A vivid beam of light, shadowed by a tall figure standing dauntlessly obstructed my vision. A young girl with blonde hair and a yellow frock perfectly complementing the vibe of this crisp, hot weather, elegantly walked towards the column and started reciting what our miss just taught. It took me a second to observe that she was moving her tinted fingertips across the dots carved on the column and reading it out loud. I was even more fascinated. After that amazing performance, we, the 27 superheroes entered the castle. The castle was a huge maze. We were welcomed by an old warlock with a long white beard. As we walked through those monumental rooms, we saw the production of special paper used for Braille, Braille scales, Braillewriters, Slate, Stylus, Braille books for children, Peg slate, and the list goes on. We also some Visually Impaired children reading and writing with a peg slate but what personally mesmerized me was a 5-year-old reciting the shlokas of Mahabharata. We were not allowed to enter a particular room but from the little gap between the doors, I took a glimpse of the activity in the room. My glass heart shattered into pieces when I saw Visually Impaired women sewing clothes for their survival and blood flowing from a delicate finger but she could not stop. I broke the queue and ran into that room, took a bandage out of my pink purse, and gave it to her saying, “Please stop and use this bandage. My mom gave me ₹ 25 for snacks but you can take them. I have my Tiffen box today. I hope it helps.” That lady burst out in tears and I patted her head softly. “Please don’t cry, miss. I will help to sew your clothes.” She smiled and gently touched my face as a grateful gesture. That old warlock carried me and hugged me so tightly that I almost got lost in his long beard. Thankfully, I was rescued by my teacher where she took us back.
That was my first encounter with what actually means to contribute to a community. I would encourage all of you to contribute to our community in some way or the other, instead of throwing a party on your birthdays to make them memorable for you and someone else. A Pure gesture of kindness can change somebody’s life.

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9, DLDAV Model School, Shalimar Bagh

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