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Date : 6 May 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Cheshta Luhana

A unique world with deadly virus

Has tensed us by making quiet.

Spreading curfew stood up to fight

Corona apart from the world bright.

The country’s economy is in danger

How food will reach to daily wager

How can each one wait for the angel,

To come and free the world from the ailment.

Doctor, nurse, police and sweeper

All are taking risk more deeper.

So let’s be at home together,

Fighting the disease with full of pleasure.

Hats off to the government’s pile

Working for us day and night.

And thanks to all the supporters, 

To convince the citizens to stay alert.

#Stay Home #Stay Safe.


Cheshta Luhana

Grade 9, Navrachana International School, Vadodra, Gujarat

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