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A scary experience

I am watching a horror film with my parents. My parents are hungry and they ask for something to eat, so I go to the kitchen to get some popcorn. 

Suddenly, all the lights turn off! It is so dark! I am scared!
I shout  “mama and papa, where are you?” But there is no answer. I start crying and praying to God to protect me from the ghosts.

“Crash!” I hear a sound in the living room but I am scared so I take a knife from the kitchen. When I enter the living room, I hear some whispers.

Suddenly, all the lights turn on and there is a loud noise! Terrified, I drop the knife and fall to the floor.

Then, I hear people singing happy birthday! My friends, family and neighbours are all here with a chocolate cake to celebrate my birthday!

What a surprise!


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Disha Mukherjee

Grade 12+, Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon, Haryana

Disha is a Dipsite fresh out of school and has been studying French for 7 years. She has a B2 diploma in french. She chose to study French on a whim and ended up falling in love with the language and culture (C’est la vie!) so much that she now wants to inspire young children by sharing her love of the same through her writing. Disha enjoys reading, cooking and bullet journaling in her free time.

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