My Expressions

Date : 4 March 2021

  • Young Voice

I was in London for my cousin’s wedding. While going to the hotel after attending the functions, I saw the poster of the Great Umpire Circus on the street. Then I asked my mother if we can go to watch the circus. She showed me the tickets to the Great Umpire Circus, which she has already bought. I was very thrilled as well as excited to hear this.
The next day, I went to the Great Umpire circus with my mother. We were sitting on the top seat in the Center. I could see the trained trapeze artists and acrobats performing out there. The boys and girls were wearing glittery blue costumes. There were many difficult tricks done by many performers, but my favorite one was the trapeze bars. In this show, I was amazed as the young boys and girls were hanging upside down holding their legs onto the rings. I was captivated by such nice performances. Before the show, one of the boys who was doing his first performance in the circus was very nervous. I couldn’t just believe my eyes, that he was doing so difficult stunts which people can never do easily. For one second I thought that the girl would fall off the ring, but she did not fall as she kept her balance. Everyone stood up and gave them a standing ovation. The audience was cheering them up. I was so impressed to see different kinds of artists and great acts by them.
When the show ended, everyone gave a big round of applause for their performance. It was wonderful to watch such a wonderful performance. After seeing that show, I rejoined my gymnastics class which I had left, and requested my mother to take me to another show.





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