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Activity Classes Got Me New Skills

‘Activity classes’ are favourite among children and parents during summer breaks. And why not? We were all under lockdowns. With all the unpleasant news, these online classes reduced our stress. And added lots of new skills and hobbies to our list.

Summer break is always the best time to build on our hobbies and cultivate some skills. The rest of the year keeps us busy with curricula, homework and assessments. Curious Times, the leading talent nurturing platform, newspaper and magazine for children. We are inviting you to share any of the skills you have learnt. Our Curious kids informed us about what they learnt. Some of them learnt on their own and some through the activity classes, which they attended.

  1. Cookery classes for kids – fireless cooking, baking, salads, desserts, summer drinks, fruit custards. They have learnt to decorate their dishes too.
  2. Art classes for children- Zentangles, Doodles, Mandala, comic strips, sketching, painting, coffee painting, many many more
  3. Creative Writing For Children- Poetry, articles, stories, fables, autobiographies, book and move reviews
  4. Making online games – Children Making fun games with your coding skills
  5. Craft For Kids- Making best out of the waste
  6. Fundraising By Children – many children worked on fundraising for those impacted by covid 19
  7. And the list is endless.

Now that summer break is coming to an end for many children in India. Online classes would start soon. Many of you will continue to attend the activity classes as we will stay at home more than outdoors. Here is an interesting opportunity for you.

Share what you learnt with a large community of children. If you are a member of Curious Times, log in and share your new skills on My Expressions.

If you are new to Curious Times, register for FREE on this Link: Join Us and the participate on ME – My Expressions

Students participating now will receive certificates for their performance in July 2021.

Now here is your time to share a special thanks. Share with us who taught you. Introduce your teachers to the Curious Times community and surprise them. We have something special lined up for them.

PS: They can reach out to us on the following:

Instagram, Facebook: @curioustimesofficial

Telegram: Curious Times Channel

Teachers WhatsApp Group: 21st Century Educators

So, what are you waiting for. Show your news skills learnt on your own or through the activity classes. Start NOW!


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