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Adventures Of Rosie ( AN ORIGINAL FICTION):- Ch 3

Under a New Horizon

*This wasn’t the first time leaving my old town so, why was feeling so saddened? Why was there a different feeling? I never know the answer. *
Oh! What a bright morning to start with. The only difference being the new home, or you rather say temporary home. And adjusting is no new thing for a nomad.
I stifled a yawn and walked downstairs looked around my new home. Mom and dad were packing things. It was only 8 in the morning. I went and slept again on the couch that had just been unpacked.
“Did you have a good sleep, dear?” dad asked.
“Hmm. Quite a good sleep for 4 hours.” I replied in a sleepy tone.
“I see you are still drowsy. Help us once you are wide-awake.” Dad stated.
“Or else, you will break everything” Mom added.
I could see the dark circle under their eyes which indicated that they did not sleep. Though I had a problem with things I still love them endlessly. Now asking them to sleep wouldn’t do anything so, I have to help them. I wish I could grow in a flash so, that they wouldn’t have to worry about me. Oh! just forget about all that. So, finally, I got up lazily and freshened up to help them.
* 5 days later *
I switched on the fan and threw myself on the couch after an evening cycling time. Yes, I just cycle all alone.
Talking about the current situation, there is no one at home. I just got admitted at the Rebecca Lee Middle School, day-before-yesterday. It’s ‘Monday Morning Blues’ tomorrow. Oh yes! I hate going to school after the holidays, just like the fictional character, Tom Sawyer. And what worries me the most is that it is a new school. I honestly hope that the students don’t stare at me like I am an alien from some unknown planet. It is hella awkward and embarrassing!
I hung my head down as I remembered the first day of each and every school I went to. It was a real nightmare I wanted to get rid of. Well, I don’t know how it is going to be in this new school but, all I know is that Francisco Middle School (my previous school) was the best. Its first day wasn’t horrible and awkward. I met Joyce on my first day and guess what? She was my desk mate! We were good-going friends only until we realized that we were from the same native and our bond grew stronger. Wait! Did I tell you where I come from? Oh! Really sorry. Let me tell you that I come from Melbourne and Joy is from Canberra. It’s just an 8-hour drive. I have visited Canberra often when I was in Australia because my grandma lives over there. Apart from being Australians and desk mates, we have a strong bond because of having countless similarities too.
Well now, let me make some preparation for tomorrow, and then I’ll talk to Joy. I bet she must be loaded with homework. We didn’t notice it much before because we usually did homework together under the same roof.
Wait! One thing before I go. Pray for me that it won’t be a nightmare tomorrow.

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Sanchita Behera

6, RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Bengaluru, Karnataka

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  1. sanchita_33 says:

    Hi Readers! If you haven’t read CH 1 and 2 please do so. And if you are a good observer you must have noticed that I changed the book cover. It’s fine if you haven’t. The reason I changed it was that the cover could look like a girl going through an unknown path cuz before it seemed like an ordinary path. Well, the story is an adventure but, I know you must have been thinking that this girl has only transferred so what’s the adventure? Let me tell you that the story is quite long. But, I am quite sure you feel the roller-coaster adventure by the time it is already CH7. Please have patience because I cannot keep writing all time. But once the whole thing is completed I will post it all together. Till then keep reading the chapters separately. I hope you bear with me and thanks for all the support.
    Regards, from the author

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