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There are more trees on earth than stars in the galaxy

And The Starry Night

And that starry night

Looking at the crystal clear sky
Casting the shine of the scintillating stars
The dazzling glint reflected in my eye
And I wondered how so it was far

And yet so much glimmer
Which came upon, and came upon
Healing the faults in the star
Just like a lil baby fawn.

And uff!! How could I forget?
To lift my camera
When such a lonely night left
Me in the solitude of that era

But Oh my dear heart,
I said with a very faded lilt
Stop throbbing too fast in a spurt
‘But why?’ My heart spilt

‘Cos we are now at the dead endpoint
of this really marvelous night’
And as soon as I completed my point
“Beep –Beep” and we were again in the city lights.




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