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Image Depicting App Review Google Duo From Google

App Review: Google Duo From Google

Image Depicting App Review Google Duo From Google

This is my first App Review on Curious Times – Google Duo App Review.

Google Duo is not a very popular application though it was launched during the year 2016 and, yet it did not acquire the fame that it should have because Google Duo is the only video calling app that can work on the web.
If you are a student who doesn’t have a phone and want to talk to your friends and family, then Duo is what I recommend is pre-installed on some phones and can be accessed by an email-id if you don’t have a phone number.

Google Duo also allows you to share your screen, doodle and turn on video effects if you have an updated version of the phone. Duo also permits you to call up to thirty-two participants and which can also be beneficial for some neighbourhood discussions or a family get-together.

The application also allows you to send video messages, photos and annotated and typed notes that you can share with your family and, also you can create groups and call them at the same time and, the way of sending an invite is as you have to click on the share icon and it takes you to the application on which you want to.

Google Duo is an exceptional application for all but the one drawback that is you cannot chat on the app making the task arduous of opening the app just for calling. Many people end up uninstalling the app due to the same reason but, I think everyone and everything has its odds and, so does the app has so in, my opinion Duo is an exceptional app for all and especially for those who have Google Nest and Google Mini by making it much easier for to call their loved ones on Duo.

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