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Date : 13 April 2020

  • Educators Speak
  • Yajna Moorkoth

Ms. Yajna Moorkath, a poet and a teacher at The Choice School, has written a beautiful poem, as she sees this from the eyes of a little girl, who is observing everything around her during lockdown…

My parents tell me it’s a lockdown.
No one should walk around in town.

Is it ‘ a sad thing? I ponder??
as I watch that little sparrow yonder.

We cancelled our holiday to Rome’
But that’s OK’ for my DAD’s at home 🏡

We eat ‘ we play ‘ we laugh ‘we read ‘
Yet find time’ for many a good deed.

We feed the birds, stray dogs and cats.
Watch the ants stop, for their chitchats.
Into our pond comes a bulbul, a deep dip,
a quick bath and flies away with a sip.

The Music of nature-OH! Such BLISS’ my mind can never erase ..
The easy wind, rustling leaves, the cheering waves..

We help each other’ all four of us.
With love and hugs without a fuss .

Dad’s in the kitchen cooking a gourmet,
My brother’s making a penguin with clay.
Mom’s busy breathing and saying OM …
As for me – I sit here and write this poem.

So I guess it’s not a sad time after all,
for my family and I are having a ball .. 🥰


Yajna Moorkoth

Educator, The Choice School

Yajna Moorkoth is a budding author and a poet working on publishing her own book. She is working as a full-time faculty teaching English and Social science at The Choice School, Kozhikode. She has a passion for creativity and photography. When she is not working, Yajna enjoys nature walks, interior decoration, watching thriller movies and spending time with family.

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