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Image Depicting Chess

Autobiography of a Chess Board

Image Depicting Chess

Here is an autobiography of a Chess Board.

I was crafted from the hands of the finest carpenters of the 19th century. My body is made of the finest mahogany wood. My pieces are of metal which is gold-plated. The richest family of Punjab own me. Chess is how I am recognized or as in local dialect they call me “Shatranj”.

A few decades ago I had to shift to Punjab because of the India-Pakistan partition. Luckily, I am still with my same owners. But as they treat me like their kid, I would call them my parents.

Generations have passed by, but I am a priceless heirloom of the family. The younger children are very eager to play with me, but their parents want to keep me very safe and protected. So, until the youngest generation turns into adults they are not allowed to play with me. Every month there is a competition held in which they have to play one round of chess. The award to the winner is that he or she is awarded permission to keep me for one month. The competition is held amongst only the family members. During these competitions, there is a lot of chitter-chatter going on. Many-a-times there is also a judge to monitor the game. Due to the pandemic situation whenever my owners are bored they play chess with each other.

Once, the Times of India newspaper had also come to click my pictures and ask many questions about me to my owners.
Currently, I am in Lahore and the monthly match is being played by my aunts and uncles. I couldn’t be more grateful because the life I have now is the best!


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Reeth Dhall


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    Thank you….is this Vedika and Shloka?

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