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Date : 27 February 2021

Jet Skiing
  • Young Voice
  • Dhruv Arora

I am a jet ski and I was born in a private jet ski factory, made in a beach paradise. I am full of colors especially orange, red, and brown. My owner is Jeff Bezos, who leads Amazon.

I wake up at 5:00 A.M. and then the rides begin at 7:00 A.M. till 5:00 P.M, being used in a beach in Santiago, Chile. One day, my owner, Jeff was riding me at high speed. I was spurting very quickly but he accidentally went into the corals which are very spiky. My belly was hurt very badly and we were stuck. Jeff was drowning and I saved him. Then, after some time, Jeff saw a boat coming near. It was Jeff’s children traveling in their luxury yacht. But they couldn’t see us. So, Jeff tried hard to take us out but it didn’t work. I had an ax with me so he chopped down some corals and then we were finally able to go back.

He had to bribe the police to get away with it. I feel that my life is very enjoyable and good because I like the fact that people enjoy themself while sitting and riding on me.


Dhruv Arora


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