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Awareness of cybersecurity

Use of cyberspace, i.e. computer, internet etc., to commit a crime by an individual or organized group is called cyber-crime. Cyber attackers use numerous software and codes in cyberspace to commit cybercrime. They exploit the weaknesses in the software and hardware design Cybercrimes may occur directly i.e targeting the computers directly by spreading computer viruses.


Today due to high internet penetration, cybersecurity is one of the biggest needs of the world as cybersecurity threats are very dangerous to the country’s security. Not only the government but also the citizens should spread awareness among the people to always update your system and network security settings and to the use of proper anti-virus. As the COVID-19 outbreak reached India, the number of cyber-attack has doubled in Match 2020. End-user is a critical link to the protection of organisation information and their awareness on cyberattack is equally crucial.


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Prakshaal Jain

10, DLDAV Model School , Shalimar BaghNew Delhi

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