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Date : 26 February 2020

  • Parents Love
  • Dr. Swati Rajput

A poem penned and recited by Dr. Swati Rajput.

A message that the school exams are just like any other small step we take in our life.

“What looked hard yesterday, looks easy today.
What looks hard today, would become easy, anyways.”

Dr. Swati Rajput, reciting “Bas Zindagi Ka Ek Aur Imtihaan hi to hai”
Digital Compilation by her daughter #ShreyaRajput

Joojhte girte sambhalte

Aaj Yahaan aa pahoonche

Mehnat ko maapte aur samajhte

Aaj mushkil, par kal aasaan hi to hai

Yeh bhi zindagi ka bas

Ek imtihaan hi to hai!


Dr. Swati Rajput

Dr. Swati Rajput is a professor in the Department of Geography, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, the University of Delhi. She has been involved in teaching and research for the last 17 years.
She has authored various national and international publications. Her expertise includes urban geography, food security and disaster management and climate change.

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