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The audiobook was so good that my parents had to drag me out to have my meals and sleep on time! The book is about a wolf, (named Foalan) born with a splayed paw.

The wolf was called a malkod (cursed wolf). It was a rule in the wolf clan to dispose of deformed or sick pups. They left it to die of starvation because the wolf may not be able to hunt and would be an extra mouth to feed. The wolf pup was raised by a bear that had lost her cubs. The book shows the life of an outclanned wolf with extraordinary hunting skills taught by a bear. In the end, he managed to come back into the clan but he was a low-ranked wolf, just a material of abuse. The story continues in the next book.
I recommend reading this book; I am sure all book lovers will love this book. The book also shows the intelligence of wild animals and gives a lot of information on wolf packs. This book tells us that there are hardships in life that we have to overcome with proper planning.

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Abhinesh Bhat

7, Johnson Grammar School, ICSE, Hyderabad, Telangana

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