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Boost Your Morale

You don’t need to be prettier
You need to quit comparing what we see in the mirror and on the television screen.
In life one is reality and the other is presentation.
So know your self-worth, increase your self-esteem and be a person who impacts other persons life.

You don’t need to be little shorter or taller,
You just need to stand up for your self, and what you believe in.
Well, get a grip and be strong,

Life is short, so let it go,
You don’t have to run or fly,
It’s all calm.
You don’t have to panic,
You just need to focus and be calm.

No need to worry,
No need to live in dark or cold
No need to shut in; go out!
Watch the stars, the moon, the sun setting,
Flowers and lush grass blossom in the sun,
Everything dreams to blossom with you,
So let it blossom!


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Medha Bhalla

8, Delhi Public School , SonepatHaryana

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