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Date : 17 April 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Sanaa Celly

My name is Sanaa Celly. We did not meet our new teachers this year and guess why? Lockdown!

So our new teacher asked us to send our introductions through videos. So I decided to do a ‘Rap’ and then I wrote the lyrics or a ‘poem’ because there is no readymade rap song around me.

Since its NaPoWriMo and in the introduction, I had to talk about myself, the title of my Rap Poem is “Bragging about myself”.

I like to read books
Mainly about crooks

I am a foodie
But sometimes I can also be a bit moody

I like to eat anything but mostly pizza and tacos are my food
But when my parents say no I say “How rude”

I like the company of my friends
Partly because they set me on the latest trends

I like the color black
And sometimes I do like to slack

I want to become a forensic scientist one day
And that won’t allow the crooks to run away

(This one is for my new teacher, Ms. Smita Malviya)
I hope I see you soon
And that would be a real fortune!

Thank you!

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Sanaa Celly

5, Scottish High International School, Gurgaon, Haryana

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