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Bullying is Inhuman

Bullying is Inhuman

Bullying is one thing which damages not only the confidence but even takes the person on the verge of ending their lives. It is not only illegal, but it is equally INHUMAN.

Bullying is not only done physically but done emotionally and mentally too.

There are many ways to tackle the situation bravely but firstly we need to recognise that it is bullying or not.
By recognising I mean, we need to be vocal about what is actually happening with us instead of escaping from the situation.

Asking for help or discussing with someone doesn’t make us look weak.

Firstly, at the time of facing this we need to make some plans of how to stop it from escalating. Walking away without reacting, makes a lot of difference.

Secondly, we should have some strong responses ready to be given at the time of bullying. This practice makes us look bold and strong.

Lastly, we should always have firm and confident voice and body language. Talking while keeping the eye contact with the person who is bothering, will always make them feel conscious and will eventually make them leave you alone without any physical harm or indulgence.

This is how we can get rid of this practice called Bullying.

Stop Bullying… Stop getting Bullied.

Bullying in inhuman by Arham Jain

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  2. Arhamj says:

    Thank you so much @Anish85520
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