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Castaway – The Disease

Lost, adrift at sea
Castaway amidst the midst of reality
Nary a hooking line nor device
Or a plan from which I could possibly derive
The ways back home;
I beg of forgiveness and remorse
as the tempest swallows me whole
Its waves tearing my sins to smithereens
Flesh to bone; bone to dust; dust to dust
Yet I learn nothing, as the cycles of tragedy and chaos repeat,
and I remain its opportunist participant,
Feeding on the systems that be
Not realising the world resides within me, or that
My endeavour to succeed shall be in vain
Unless I find a way to rid myself of this disease;
If I’m the victim, then I’m the remedy
And if I’m the ineffable insanity, then I’m also the balancing equilibrium.
So, find me a requiem to lay down my former self,
For this shall be my metamorphosis;
Rebirth at sea.


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Shrish Dhuria

Grade 12, DLDAV MODEL SCHOOL , Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi

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