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Date : 8 May 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Anngelina Sara Eapen

“Once I was 7 years old, mama told me, Go get yourself some friends. .”

A famous lyric from an impeccable singer who wrote one of the major hit songs last decade.

I remember hearing this song when I was young. This song sometimes acts like a portal, which can magically transport me to salad days. So, lemme be Luke Graham for a day! I remember being 7, half of my age today. I remember receiving my first accolade and presenting it to mom. As a child, there was nothing happier than a proud smile from mom!

It still is magical as it was 7 years ago. She moulded me into a better intellectual. She discovered my talents much before I did. She motivated me to stand in front of people and speak. Whether it is an elocution competition or a poetry competition, she always made me believe that I can do it.

I still remember her teaching me my first poem and me, being the greatest mess of my age, ruthlessly messing it up. She never frowned at me. And she never will. Whatever I have ever earned in my life, I owe it to her.

Now, I have become a teen. I have changed a lot. I have my own opinions, my own ideas and my own beliefs that I stand for. Teen years made me realise my flaws. My flawed body and my flawed mindset. Mom made me realise to accept the flaws and showered me with love and grace which acted as medicine to my bruises. Even though I recognise myself as a strongly opinionated teen, I am still a 7 year old to my mom.

She has taught me that the world can be dangerous. She always taught me that the reality is not always rainbows and unicorns, there are going to be some bad days. A knight in shining armour won’t come to save you but you should save yourselves. She planted great ambitions in me. She never pushed me.

We do have arguments! Our tastes are different. She finds it hard to accept today’s film and fashion. She will always be an old Bollywood fan regardless of what I say. I grew up watching Jo Jeeta Wo Hi Sikandar. She always tries her best to understand today’s generation. I admire that she accepts the change in society. She is so easy going and understanding.

Cheers to all the memories that we made together. I know I have not always been a great child. You’re my greatest inspiration. I find comfort in your cuddles and hugs. Soon I will achieve my dreams and make you the proudest mom in the world!

“Thanks for giving me wings to fly and a dream to achieve. I am on the top of the world looking, down on creations and the only explanation I can find is the love that I have found ever since you’ve been around, your love put me at the top of the world”


Anngelina Sara Eapen

Grade 10, Georgian Public School, Puthuppally, Kottayam, Kerala

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