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A little unsure….

Date : 24 May 2020

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  • Sunjay Anand

This Sunday, we bring a special poem for our Young Audience!Sunjay Anand, writes this lovely and insightful poem. Our Curious Readers will definitely love this […]


Date : 27 April 2020

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  • अनवरी पेशकर

रास्ते पर चलती हैँ गाड़ियाँ,अपने जगह से हिलते नहीं पहाड़ियाँ,अपने ईमान को हिलने ना देना,देखकर रिश्वत के गड्डीयाँ I पेड़ो पर मछलीयाँ होते नहीं,पानी में […]

Music of the soul… A poem by Priya Manohar

Date : 26 March 2020

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  • Priya Manohar

She woke up gently,Breaking the shield of darkness,Treading on tiptoes,And caressing sleeping faces,Almost apologetically. Beckoning all to join her,To see colours unfolding,To see the skies […]

Yes, “Kid Safe News”, is the need of the hour!

Date : 3 February 2020

Kid safe news website | Child friendly newspaper
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  • Monica Majithia

Undoubtedly, news is a good way to stay updated on current affairs. It helps in critical thinking, forming objective opinions and participating intellectually in shaping […]

Climate change is not a jargon

Date : 1 December 2019

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  • Dr. Swati Rajput

“Climate change is no longer some far off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now.” Barack Obama Well, thats true. Climate change is […]

Teaching in the 21st Century… be open-minded and curious learner!

Date : 4 September 2019

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  • Dr. Manisha Chaudhary & Sandeep Chaudhary

21st Century will be a turning point for humanity in more ways than one. And these turning points would engulf ‘learning’ and ‘teaching’ into them […]

News for children, the way they understand it!

Date : 26 July 2019

An online platform for providing news for children
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  • Deepti Beri

Eight news every day, Nine new words every day,  Ten minutes read every day,  Fun and laughter every day. When we write down our vision […]