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image depicting International Day of Families - 15th May

Celebrate International Day of Families!

It is time to celebrate the International Day of Families.

“In a time of test, family is the best.” –Burmese Proverb

The UN declared 15 May as #InternationalDayoftheFamilies to acknowledge the people and the benefits of a family system. It provides an opportunity to resolve the family affecting issues and highlights the importance of family bonding & support.

Check out the link to know more about the International Day of Families on the UN Website.

Festivals and these special days are great ways to keep our spirits alive when we are going through an incredibly dark period such as what we saw during COVID-19. Times and days like these are the best to realise the importance of families in our lives. Family is the only institution, which stands strongest in all adversities.

International Day of Families

Family is where we come from and family is who we go back to. Remember the hug that your mother gives you when you do something wrong. How can you forget the struggles and hustles your dad does to ensure your safety and success? Ask your grandparents, you mean the world to them. And your naughty and bully siblings, they actually confront your frenemies when they bully you. There is no party, no celebration nothing complete without those aunts, uncles and cousins.

International Day of Families is a good time to spend time with your loved ones, take care of them, and reassure them that “they are the best”. It is a moment to count your most special blessing “Family“.

There are many many ways you can celebrate this day. After all, this is an occasion to get your folks together. Here are some interesting ways to celebrate the International Day of Families:

  1. Family Dinner – Call all your extended family members to your place and host a dinner. The best way could be that every family – uncles, aunts, parents and grandparents bring one dish for the dinner.
  2. Go out for a movie – There are plenty of new movies, especially kids’ movies. This is the best time to go out for a movie together.
  3. Visit an amusement park – Summers could be a great time to get together and head out to an amusement or activity park. These parks have something for all age groups and the trip could be a great way to connect and enjoy.
  4. Picnic or Zoo – Another wonderful family bonding activity could be going for a picnic with baskets full of goodies, mats and games. It is best to include all sorts of games to engage the young and the old.
  5. Celebrate on Curious Times – Curious Times is the best place for children to participate in activities and share their greetings and love for their families. Every year we have thousands of kids participating in the International Day of Families.

Celebrate International Day of Families on Curious Times

If you have a card, a story, funny incidents, cartoons, comics, poems, video messages, songs, click on the link and share your love. I LOVE MY FAMILY

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