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Climate Emergency in NOW!

“Since our leaders are behaving like children, we will have to take the responsibility they should have taken long ago.”

– Greta Thunberg, COP24, Poland, 4 December 2018

We humans have been polluting the Earth for years, which has now led to a climate emergency across the world, but what is climate emergency and how do we prevent it?

What is climate emergency?

Climate Emergency may refer to Global warming, human-caused climate change. In lesser words, Climate Emergency is just an alternative word for the climate crisis.

  • The rise in the levels of carbon dioxide leads to a substantial increase in temperature. Due to this, the polar caps of the earth are melting which may lead to floods.
  • Humans have been contributing to forest fires too. Most wildfires occur due to human carelessness such as arson, campfires, discarding lit cigarettes, not burning debris properly, playing with matches or fireworks etc.
  • We cause other things too like air pollution.
  • Droughts, which happen when we use water without thinking and waste it

How to prevent climate crisis?

Now you must be thinking of how to prevent climate emergencies.

  • Some things that you could do are to make your surroundings clean and green by planting more trees ,
  • We should be more conservative when using energy,
  • Yes, the 3 Rs are very important: recycle, reduce, re-usage
  • Usage of fossil fuels, reduce water wastage, install solar panels, reduce food waste, reduce the use of plastic, throw trash only in the dustbin

And the most important thing is to -DISCUSS!
Yes discuss this with more number of people,
among family and friends and see the change.


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