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Date : 20 April 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Aaniya Dahiya

The world has been a mess recently. No one has a say in what is to come. You may be thinking that I am here to concern you about the virus outbreak. But no, I am talking about a problem greater than that. Climate

Now it may not seem like the biggest crisis but actually it is. For the last couple of decades, the world has been dodging a lot of bullets.

For instance – floods, forest fires, wars between nations, economical issues and much more. But all along we have been avoiding the origin of most of the problems, Climate Change.

Climate change is the rise in average temperature due to global warming. The same has or will cause an increase in sea level, diseases, natural disasters and a decrease in population and further affecting the composition and balance of our earth. The continuous change in weather is also ought to be the reason for the virus outbreak. The unconditional rains and droughts are caused due to the same. Climate change is not only affecting the human life but the life of innocents in nature.

Climate change can also remarkably impact the economy of the countries. All of this only leads to problems that can be impossible to ever solve. But what has caused this big of a crisis?
Us. None other than us, humans, are to be blamed. We carelessly have ruined what once used to be harmless nature. However, for all reasons, I am here not to give you a list of your faults but a golden chance to make this better.

There are so many ways to solve this, planting more plants, use of public transport or even carpooling, correct disposal of garbage, less use of objects unfriendly to the environment etc.

This is our home to protect. We are lucky enough to have such a habitat now it’s our turn to do our bit and give it what it deserves after all these centuries. Take your initiative and encourage others to do the same. If I, a 13-year-old, can recognise and own up to my mistakes and attempt to fix them while I can, I am sure you too can.


Aaniya Dahiya

Grade 8, Delhi Public School, Sonepat, Haryana

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