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Colours of Pride: A Poetic Celebration of Love and Authenticity

In the colours of the rainbow, we unite,
A celebration of love, shining so bright.
Pride Month is here, let’s raise our voice,
In a world where love is the ultimate choice.

In hues of red, passion burns so deep,
Embracing desires we hold and keep.
For love knows no bounds, it breaks all walls,
Affirming that every love story enthralls.

Orange beams with warmth, like a guiding sun,
Honoring all the battles that we have won.
From Stonewall’s uprising to today’s fight,
We stand together, igniting the light.

Yellow, like sunshine, spreads hope and cheer,
The promise of a future, devoid of fear.
Transcending borders, embracing the free,
For gender is a spectrum, beautifully.

Green, the color of growth and new beginnings,
Accepting ourselves, shedding old trimmings.
With pride in our hearts, we celebrate diversity,
For it’s our strength that shapes our community.

Blue represents calm, a tranquil sea,
Where authenticity and truth will forever be.
A safe space for every queer soul to find,
Acceptance, love, and peace of mind.

Indigo holds mystery, wisdom untold,
Respecting the stories that have yet to unfold.
With open hearts and minds, we learn and grow,
Supporting each other as we navigate the flow.

Violet, the crown jewel, the final hue,
Symbolizing the dreams we dare to pursue.
For every individual, every unique voice,
We stand together, celebrating our choice.

In this Pride Month, let our spirits soar,
As we embrace the love that lies at our core.
With solidarity, we’ll continue to fight,
For equality and justice, shining so bright.

So let the colours of the rainbow inspire,
A world filled with love, where all hearts conspire.
In unity, we stand, proud and tall,
For love is love, the greatest gift of all.

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Karthik Kaushik Madhusudan

12, DLDAV Model School, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi, New Delhi

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