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Coronavirus – The new world crisis

We know the world crisis

Is now coronavirus

We are all aware of it

Though it is invisible to the iris.

Now is the need for sanitizers

And masks on our faces

Hospitals are dangerous to visit

So don’t get hurt, no races.

We are staying indoors

No shopping, no malls

We can only be at home

Beyond our gates, not at all!

It is a sad condition,

But harder to say goodbye

To people who may get it

And can’t survive!

Our fun is taken away

So we might be whining

But under all this panic

There is a silver lining.

Yes, pollution has gone down

Animals have come back

Though the world is scary

Someday the joy will be back.


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Eshaal M Suffair

Grade 4, The Choice School, Kochi, Kerala

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