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Image depicting Curious Times Events' Certificates

Curious Times Events’ Certificates

Curious Times Events’ Certificates are here!!! Congratulations to all the participants, outstanding performers and winners!

Curious Times Events Certificates for Quarter 1′ 2022

If you participated in the events, contests and quizzes between January 2022-March 2022, and your work has got published, you are eligible for your certificate. Whether you represented your school or participated individually, your certificates have been issued.

Competitions, Events and themes covered

Curious Times organises competitions and contests, with participants from India and overseas. We also have events and activities. Here is what happened between January 2022 and March 2022.

  1. New Year Resolutions Meme Fest
  2. The Republic Day Contest
  3. The Science Month – DIY & Experiments, My Innovative Ideas, The Scientists I admire
  4. International Women’s Day – #BreakTheBias
  5. The Science Quiz – March 2022
  6. Other Activities – Lohri and Sankranti, Martyr’s Day, Happy Holi
  7. ME themes – Poetry, Prose, Verses, Stories, Essays and Fables
  8. ME themes – Blogs, Art, Sketches, Doodles and Zentangles
  9. ME themes – Performing Arts, Yoga, Videos,

Where can I find my accepted and published posts?

Well, every member participant has an account on Curious Times. You just have to go to the My Account section to see all your past and new approved and published work, including the ones published for the competitions.

Curious Times is a platform of the children, for the children and by the children. We receive submissions from thousands of budding writers, poets, creators, artists, and inventors entries every month. We publish a lot of students’ content and build their first digital footprint. But not all posts are approved and accepted. The decisions of the editorial teams and Jury (in case of contests) are final and binding. We want to share that you should not stop sending your entries.

Follow the Rules of Submission at all times to increase your chances of getting published.

Where can I find my Curious Times certificates?

Till 2021, Curious Times used to send digital certificates through emails.

Starting the Year 2022 your certificates are being saved and uploaded to the My Account section on Curious Times. Whether it is about showcasing your profile at your school or registering yourself for any scholarships or admissions, your work and your certificates will be available in one place.

Do parents and teachers also get recognised?

Yess! Parents and Educators are pillars of our program. They are raising the future of the world.

We love to acknowledge and recognise their contributions, which are in line with the guidelines of the website. We now have many Engaged Parents and teachers sharing their Vlogs and Blogs on Curious Times. When the teachers and parents participate, they are not just being role models for their children, they are sharing the wealth of their knowledge and experience with future world citizens.

We do give certificates to parents and educators too. We would request you to have a separate account with us so that we can issue you certificates in your name. You need to have a different email id than your child’s. Share your social media handles, so we could promote your work on Social Media too.

How to become a Curious Times School Member?

With over 500 schools now associated with us, we are serving the schools in so many ways. Here are some of the benefits to the schools and students as part of the Curious Times School Partnership program.

  1. School News on the School Page and special news section
  2. Exclusive school page, which will show the top news of your school. 
  3. Opportunity for the school and students to participate in Annual events and competitions of Curious Times. Check out the Annual Events and Competitions Calendar of 2022.
  4. Opportunity for the Principals/ Directors and Senior leaders to participate in events, and conferences to interact with the education community. 
  5. Opportunity to get the logo displayed on students’ participation. 
  6. Free digital access to the news and resources for students and faculty.
  7. Weekly Newspaper: Curious Times Weekly, direct online participation in competitions and events with some of the best work getting published: My Expressions, Daily Curriculum aligned global news: News

School coordinators or Management can fill out this short form to apply for School Membership.

School Registration Form

How can individuals become members of Curious Times?

VERY SIMPLE. Fill in the registration form and become a member for free:

Student Registration Form

WAIT WAIT….. If your school is a member of Curious Times, use your school code to register. The school code will be available with your school coordinator.

So what are you waiting for? View and download your certificates. If you have any queries, write to us at from your registered email id.

My Account

Time to share your joy on social media

You can share your certificates on social media and get a chance to get featured on our social handles:

Instagram: curioustimesofficial

Facebook: curioustimesofficial

Do not forget to tag us, that is how will be able to share your story/post!

Keep participating, Stay Curious!

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