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We all our attending online classes through various types of video conferencing apps such as zoom, Google meet, etc every day with our new best friends…. the digital devices.

We feel that they are not betraying friends but actually they are because of our unsecured use. We had learned the use of mobile phones and other gadgets at a very young age and since we felt that we are the masters and know all the functions of devices, settings of the Android phone and all the software of I pad.

But the hackers are smarter than us due to their practice of many years, they can easily insert a bug in our phones that may cause huge financial losses.

We should be aware of security protocols and small kids under 10 years of age should use the devices under the supervision of elders. Downloading malicious files and programs form the internet or opening attachments from unknown email addresses may intercept our operating system and steal passwords, files etc . Our collective efforts will definitely decrease the level of cybercrime.

Thank you.


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Shashwat Dwivedi

Grade 7, Delhi Public School, Sonepat, Haryana

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