My Expressions

Date : 1 October 2019

  • Young Voice
  • Shreya Rajput

As the great legend Mahatma Gandhi said,
“Our future depends on what we do at present.”

Our actions will definitely affect our future,
The results could either be good or bad after.

Feeling like Gandhi, take steps wisely,
If wrongly taken, it would become beastly.

Be calm and confident while making a decision,
To make our future bright is our mission.

Mahatma Gandhi’s sayings were true,
It would rightly affect people around and YOU

We celebrate today as Gandhi Jayanti in our country,
As together we are branches of the same tree.

A tree that he planted,
A tree of honesty and truth, that we shouldn’t take for granted.

Happy birthday to a person, who showed us the right path to
Poorna swaraj,
By defeating the British and removing their raj.


Shreya Rajput

10, Venkateshwara Global School, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi

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