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Image depicting word of the day - dinosaurs


Roar goes the T-rex

Trampling creatures in his path

You better look out above

‘Cause he moves fast

Three horn- two made of bones

One with just  ligament

I meant the three horned Triceratops

Whose frill can’t be bent

The quick Velociraptor

Whose speed can’t be beat

He may be small but he’s fast

And he also eats meat

The armoured Stegosaurus

With a spiked tail

With both spikes and armour

In a battle he wouldn’t fail

It’s a hadrosaur, which comes with a crest

That is used to make a sound

To warn the rest

I’m talking about the Parasaurolophus

Whose features can dazzle all of us

The Pterodactyls are Pterosaurs

That means prehistoric reptiles of the sky

They had wings long, big and wide

Which helped them fly

The Plesiosaurus can swim

(It’s not a special dinosaur)

It’s a sea reptile, which dinosaurs aren’t

And it’s a carnivore

This is the Pachycephalosaurus

With a big dome head

They’ll fight for leadership

Even if their opponent’s dead

The huge Ankylosaurus

Which has spikes all around

And with a big club tail

Which by the way, doesn’t trail on the ground

The gigantic Titanosaurus

Who has a very long neck

If it lived right now

The buildings would be a wreck

The bird-like Chirostenotes

Which had feathers

To keep them warm

In the cold weather

The huge Dilophosaurus

Which has an amazing double crest

Among all the dinosaurs that have them

It is probably the best!


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Aabir Basu

Grade 5, Scottish High International School, Gurgaon

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