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Date : 5 September 2019

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  • Aashish Arora

My first career move, working for the Government of India

A few years back, I worked very hard and cleared the Ministry of Labour Exams for National Career Service. I was placed in the ministry headquarters because of my good rank in the exam.

It was a very interesting and satisfying job. It provided me the empirical knowledge of government machinery. It was indeed a unique experience for me to work and contribute to the nation-building, though in an extremely marginal capacity. The destiny had something else for me in the casket for the coming years hence I decided to move on. Eventually, I joined the Government of India (GOI).

I was enjoying my job with great amount of satisfaction. The job was giving me money, work-life balance and all other necessary things to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Apart from my job, I had involved myself in other activities. I took teaching as my part-time hobby and started teaching informally where ever and whenever I got an opportunity.

When I moved to consulting firm

In the mid of 2017, I got an offer to work with one of the biggest consultancies in the country. The job paid three times of the pay package being received by me at GOI. Without thinking much, I decided to leave my job and joined that consultancy.

Here is the saga of those few days at the Consulting Firm:

July 5: I joined that consultancy in Gurgaon. I was happy. However, on the very first day, I had realized that I did the biggest blunder of my life by running after money and joining that job. I discussed the matter with a few of my former colleagues. They advised me not to worry, as I would be able to adapt to the new working conditions soon.

Another friend of mine gave me one simple advise “if you have second thoughts, just leave it right away.”

July 6: I was literally not happy with myself at that place. On the dusk of my second day in the office, I was sure that I wanted to rectify my big mistake. My wife came all the way to Gurgaon to talk to me. I told her clearly about my regret. She supported me and asked me to do whatever I wanted to do in my life.

July 6 (night): I mailed the HR of the company that I will not be able to come to the office tomorrow. Meanwhile, I messaged another friend of mine. I told her about my situation.

She hesitantly asked me, “What do you want to do ?” I said “ Teaching. ” She told me to shoot my CV randomly to various good schools in Delhi. I wasn’t sure about it but I did as instructed by her.

July 7: I sent my resignation to that consultancy.

July 11: I got a call for an interview from one of the most reputed schools in Delhi.

July 12: I gave the interview.

July 14: I got my offer letter.

PS: It has been more than 2 years that I am working with Delhi Public Shool, Sonepat.

Why teaching is a satisfying job?

That day, it was not an abrupt answer to my friend. I knew that I really wanted to teach.

While I was studying in school, I had the best teachers who focused primarily on clearing the fundamentals of their respective subjects. When I grew up, started working, I realised things have changed drastically. Teaching became more mechanical, which was organic earlier.

I joined teaching because I wanted to teach. Another big reason was knowledge sharing. I was not happy with the plight of school students, who were/are completely unaware of their surroundings or even themselves.

When I started teaching,  I was happy to see at least a few students coming to me, asking questions which were out of the syllabus. They were simply interested in them. I came with minimum expectations in the field of teaching but having spent almost three years here, I feel it is quite satisfying for me to see your ex-students coming to your home for guidance, extra classes every now and then.  What else can be more satisfying than this for a teacher?

Here is what I learnt:

Don’t run after money, run after your passion and do what you like.

Also, we will not have all the answers at once. We can discover ourselves and our passion over a period of time.


Aashish Arora


Aashish Arora

Delhi Public School, Sonepat, Haryana

Aashish teaches political science to senior classes at Delhi Public School, Sonepat.

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