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For the wrong they do, people don’t feel sorry,
What will they answer to God, when their souls leave their body?
Killing innocent people, what do they get?
But these killers don’t regret.

With gun and grenade a soldier gives protection,
While a terrorist with the same, causes just destruction.
To cause destruction, which religion says?
They are evil deeds of evil people by cowardly ways.
To do this evil work, gullible people are brainwashed or hired,
And innocent people are bombed and fired.

For the act of a few terrorists, whole religion is maligned,
But bad people or groups are behind,
In this dirty game of killing, with their dirty minds.

Almighty God is One,
Worshipping ways many,
Some people do wrong things just for fame, power or money.

Everyone has desires and strives to achieve his life’s goal,
Religion and good deeds are necessary for a good soul.
How we achieve our goal is very important….
By being human or by being inhuman.

Do deeds that brings smile on other’s face,
Stop doing things that cause disgrace to the human race.