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Disrupted Education – Bridging the Gap By USchool

Disrupted Education – Bridging the Gap By USchool is the latest course in enabling the parents to bridge the gap caused by a disruption in education due to the pandemic.

USchool is the leading virtual learning platform in personal development. At USchool, Lamia Bagasrawala, psychotherapist, independent researcher, education facilitator, and mental health specialist has created a roadmap for the physical and emotional well-being of your child and to give your child a pre-pandemic life.

USchool has collaborated with Curious Times to bring to the parents of the Curious Community, the most relevant course of today’s times, which has benefitted thousands of parents. As a part of the collaboration, DEB program is available to the parents at Rs. 399 ONLY.

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More about Disrupted Education – Bridging the Gap By USchool

Have you noticed any of these symptoms in your child?

• Shortened attention span
• Social media addiction
• Social anxiety and fear
• A lack of openness about personal life and friends
• Eye strain and dark circles

You are not the only parent in this battle. Most parents are struggling to solve this globally.
Two years of disrupted education and routines have made children, the victims of the fallouts, physically, emotionally and psychologically. With the commencement of physical schooling, a new crop of stressors has appeared with respect to the children’s academic, physical, social, emotional and mental states of being.  Problems such as inability to cope with syllabus, frustration, social anxiety, fear, loss of interest, depression, behavioral problems, tantrums, etc necessitate urgent and immediate action.   

USchool, the leading virtual learning platform in personal development, comes with years of experience in the development of kids in the 21st Century.

Disrupted Education – Bridging the Gap (DEB), the course by USchool, aims to provide tailored solutions to calibrate the student’s mental, emotional, and physical capabilities. In this online parenting course, DEB discusses, among others, pertinent topics and their solutions such as alert and aware parenting; physical, emotional and mental self-care of children and parents; listening to listen; parenting as collaboration; adjusting to offline school; anxiety in children; dealing with death and loss.

USchool is committed to self-development bringing forth specialised online courses led by field experts who make learning practical and fulfilling. USchool is a doorway towards creating a better YOU, and therefore, a better US – as a community and a society as a whole-for a brighter, more positive future.

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