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Date : 14 August 2019

  • Young Voice
  • Shivahari R Jayesh

Here is my story…..

Boy: “I love to fly a kite”

Parent: “Dear what do you think is the flyer’s job, when the kite is flying?”

Boy: “To not let the kite fly very high.”

Parent: “No dear”

Parent: “It helps the kite to fly higher, without breaking or falling.”

Parent: “Look at this dear.”

(The kite flies high and then breaks and falls)

Parent: “Just imagine if the kite was you, as you grow up you don’t listen to us. And then this happens.”

Boy: “I will not be like a kite, this way I will listen to my parents.”

A kite is a symbol of freedom, but the kite also needs help to move up.

Shivahari R Jayesh


Shivahari R Jayesh

Grade: 4, The Choice School, Tripunitura, Ernakulam

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