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Docile, No More!

“It is time we all se gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.”
– Emma Watson

It is often negatively seen when a woman raises her voice for herself. Today, Leadership Positions are a male territory. Men dominate executive positions and boards–the ratio of men to women involved stands at 73% to 27%.
We need to understand women visibility matters, their ideas matter, their thoughts matter and their stand matters.
This age old norm of teaching girls to be quiet and submissive starts from a very early age. Our society starts teaching girls what to do from the very beginning. Take for yourself it’s a child’s birthday, if it’s a girl what present will you buy? Perhaps a doll but was it a boy, he would get some toy cars or rockets. Why is it so?
This is a change we have to start making from the very ground level. We need to realize that we can’t empower women just through some campaigns, rallies or whatsapp messages but by bringing a change in ourselves.
To all the parents please don’t teach your daughters to be quiet and docile…let them hear their own voice and grow into a strong and independent woman. Teach your boys to respect women and this does not mean telling them ‘Don’t hit girls’ or something like that but to treat girls as their equal.
Young girls having the proper opportunities should understand how they can be a voice to their underprivileged peers.
Let us all be feminists, that’s not something about being complaining or angry it’s just believing both men and women should have equal rights.
This isn’t a roadmap but it starts from a small change and is a journey to a world with strong and independent women.
“A world full of empowered women isn’t one where men are marginalized. It’s a world where everyone thrives”

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