My Expressions

Date : 8 July 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Bhoomi

Well, I find that people go to temples/churches/mosques to meet Gods. There, they give offerings, money (sometimes, a lot), and a great deal of piety and respect. They humbly ask for various good things to happen to them, and pray that various bad things do not happen. Neither are good things precipitated by temple visits and exhortations and nor are bad things prevented. I am yet to see anyone take gods to task for this. No one asks for their money back, let alone file a case for broken promises et cetera.

Well, when nothing comes out of visits to temples, wearing assorted amulets et cetera, and people fall ill, they go to a doctor. Here they give money with extreme reluctance. Unlike in the temple, something actually gets done for their illness. If this is not all that should have been, or there has been a poor outcome, the doctor is often, shouted at, vilified, physically assaulted, and legal proceedings are drawn up against them.

On the other hand, if all goes well, it is the Gods who are praised.

So, in India, there are absolutely no similarities between doctors and Gods.



Grade 8, Delhi Public School, Sonepat, Haryana