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Image depicting Doctor's Day

Doctor’s Day | Celebrating Our Frontline Warriors

Happy Doctor’s Day!! Make doctors around the world feel special on their day.

It is rightly said, “not all heroes wear capes“. In the toughest of times, doctors all around the world have worked selflessly, putting their families and themselves at risk – and not just for the past one and a half years. It’s our time now to do a little something for them.

Why Doctors’ Day?

The 1st of July is celebrated as National Doctors’ Day across India. On this day, citizens of India celebrate doctors and their service towards humanity. They say the work of a doctor is a new life for the patient. When we give up, they become our only hope.

Have you ever wondered how doctors work day and night selflessly? How are they in constant contact with the deadly virus without fearing for their life? The amount of mental stress they go through every moment and how can you give them a moment of peace and happiness?

Well, you are in the right place. Let’s come together and give these warriors a tribute on doctor’s day by sharing art, articles, poems, craft, illustrations, performing arts or any kind of expression.

While doctors will receive our blessings and best wishes, all participants will receive certificates.
Stay safe, stay home and make our doctors feel special through your work.

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