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DPS Jankipuram’s Clean India Ambassador

The Artistic Visionary: Miss Prashikha from DPS Jankipuram

Ah, the pen strokes of ambition! Your drawing on the theme ‘Clean India Green India’ is more than a visual treat—it’s a call to action. DPS is proud to house talent like yours that doesn’t just speak but resonates with something far greater. You are giving voice to trees and streets, asking us to make the Swachh Bharat dream a reality.

The Young Environmentalist from DPS Jankipuram

Your art is more than lines and colors; it’s a manifesto. It’s young visionaries like you, honed in environments like DPS, that will lead the charge toward a cleaner, greener world. We’re not just looking at a drawing; we’re looking at a future, and it’s one we want to be a part of.

The DPS Trailblazer in Social Messages

The impact of your work is profound. DPS is not just a place where academics are prioritized; it’s a place where change-makers are built. And you, Miss Prashikha, are a change-maker. The Swachh Bharat initiative is lucky to have young ambassadors like you who can bring new perspectives and fresh energy.

DPS’s Creative Conduit

The medium is the message, and you’ve mastered both. It’s artists like you that DPS needs—students who not only observe the world but wish to change it. As you flourish within the DPS ecosystem, never lose that spark that makes you not just an artist but a harbinger of change.

Keep reaching for that palette of possibilities, Miss Prashikha. DPS Jankipuram and Curious Times are excited to see what masterpiece you create next. With your talent, the canvas of India’s future looks promising indeed.

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