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Curious Times has organised the Grand Teachers Day 2021, which ends on World Teachers’ Day 5-October. We are pleased to share School Director, Ms. Sudesh Singh’ article on the occasion of Teachers’ Day. 
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Image depicting A Paradigm Shift in Learning - Ms. Sudesh Singh, DPS Sonepat

A Paradigm Shift in Learning – Ms. Sudesh Singh, DPS Sonepat

A Paradigm Shift in Learning – Ms. Sudesh Singh, DPS Sonepat A great teacher isn’t in the classroom, or in books or presentations; they are […]

A Paradigm Shift in Learning – Ms. Sudesh Singh, DPS Sonepat

A great teacher isn’t in the classroom, or in books or presentations; they are someone who keeps their students wanting to come to school to explore and discover beyond the four-walled world. They are expert craftsmen in devising learning experiences that stimulate their students, just like being thrown into the deep end of a swimming pool. It compels them to explore avenues to engage in activities/tasks which the internet cannot solve.

The shift from the physical paradigm to a digital milieu has been a dramatic transformation in the world of learning. The sudden switch has left millions of teachers struggling to captivate their students- “How do I connect with my students when they can’t connect to my classroom?” With the average human attention span being less than a goldfish, it is an even harder task now to engross a student in the process of learning online. And one cannot forget the diminishing work hours gradually receding into their home hours.

On another note, while the Pandemic has taken a huge toll on the mental, emotional and physical health of parents, students and teachers alike, it has also imbibed in all of us a sense of being kinder and more empathetic beings towards one another. This challenge of cultivating more empathetic human beings in the limitations of the pandemic has driven educators and policymakers to envision the need to bridge the learning gaps which led to the modification of The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

It now also focuses on inculcating a more integrated and inclusive approach to learning and child development by building SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) competencies such as self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, social awareness, and relationship skills. This would aid them to build a more emotionally intelligent and resilient version of themselves for their holistic development.

One cannot disregard the efforts put in by teachers to turn these proposals into reality. Teachers are the oil that smoothens and moves the gears of a child’s learning experience. The Enculturation of Teacher Empowerment as proposed by the NEP gives teachers the freedom to fabricate their own teaching methodology and is an encouraging step towards creating more inclusive classrooms by infusing socio-emotional learning. This is not only for students but also for providing teachers with the tools to maintain a proper work-life balance without burning out.

With the strain of working odd hours and tirelessly grading tests on a screen, we must applaud their determination to retain the truth in “learning never stops”. Teachers are maximizing the potential of online learning, for which we are extremely grateful and are indebted to them for keeping the flame of learning kindled.

Ms. Sudesh Singh, Director, DPS Sonepat

DPS Sonepat comes under the aegis of the Delhi Public School Society. It is an institution that promotes student-centric learning and aims to provide memorable schooling to each and every child. The school also aims to nurture the students for lifelong learning with a journey of self-discovery.

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