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Image depicting Drawing with Creativity: Specsy Grapes Delight🍇🤓

Drawing with Creativity: Specsy Grapes Delight🍇🤓

Image depicting Drawing with Creativity: Specsy Grapes Delight🍇🤓

Hello Curious Times readers! Ridhima Garg from D.L.D.A.V. Model School in Delhi has shared an absolutely delightful piece of kids art with us. Her creative drawing titled “Specsy Grapes” is a burst of imagination and fun!

Quirky Characters and Children’s Drawings

Ridhima’s cartoon grapes aren’t just any ordinary fruit. They’re sporting a pair of glasses and a wide, toothy grin, making them the nerdiest and most adorable grapes we’ve ever seen!

The vibrant colors and playful expression make these Specsy Grapes a true standout in our children’s website submission. It’s a testament to the incredible drawing with creativity that kids possess.

Kids Art: Easy Steps to Draw Your Own Specsy Grapes at Home

Feeling inspired? Grab your crayons, markers, or colored pencils and follow these simple steps to create your own funny grapes character:

  1. Start with the basics: Draw a bunch of grapes, overlapping the circles slightly to give them a plump look.
  2. Add some personality: Draw two large circles for the eyes and a smaller oval within each for the pupils. Then, draw a big, cheerful smile.
  3. Accessorize: Draw a pair of glasses over the eyes. Get creative with the shape and style!
  4. Don’t forget the details: Add a stem and a leaf at the top of the bunch.
  5. Color your creation: Use vibrant shades of purple, green, and blue to bring your Specsy Grapes to life!

Curious Times encourages all our young readers to embrace their creativity and share their artwork with us. You never know, your drawing might be the next one featured on our website!

A big thank you to Ridhima for sharing her Specsy Grapes with us. Keep exploring, keep creating, and keep those curious times rolling!

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Ridhima Garg

11, D.L.D.A.V. Model School Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi

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