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Drops in the Ocean

I looked around at my world in a blur

How do these surroundings make no one stirs?

Pieces of paper are thrown here and there,

And sharp glass protruding almost everywhere!

The rivers turned as grey as smoke from waste

But people throw a blind eye in all of their haste

Their ignorance will end in the suffering of dwellers,

Still, they continue to not give the slightest bother!

A smoky blanket fills the heavens above,

It hurts the breathing of the precious dove,

But what does anyone do to change?

Nothing, we still go on with lives the same!

Our world simmers day by day

Living in an oven feels the same way

Our innocent Earth is being scorched by the Sun

Flora and fauna won’t live in the long run!

Guilt indeed filled me right then

Even I was culpable but ready to amend

Though my actions alone may not have a lasting effect

I am entitled to show my homeland respect!

The protection of ours bears a hole

That if not stitched could end our world

Like soldiers upfront in a line to protect

But the King’s ignorance causes him to regret!

Preserve our home for our vast living race

So the future generation has a world to embrace

Even if the deed is small, don’t shun

For a million drops create the ocean!


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Atheena Rajesh

Grade 8, The Choice School, Kochi, Kerala

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