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During quarantine vs After quarantine?

Hi curious readers! My name is Sanaa Celly. Yesterday, since I was feeling very bored I decided to make a drawing about coronavirus for Curious Times. And then I thought “what is a drawing without a story?”

So here I go to tell you about my drawing and the story behind the art.

During quarantine

So what you are seeing in the first picture is a girl feeling sad.

Well, there is more to that. We are all in the state of quarantine to stay safe and keep others safe. Have you noticed how everyone is feeling nowadays? If you haven’t then I can tell you that everyone is feeling upset and wants the lockdown to be over. So in this picture, that’s how I am feeling like.

Wouldn’t you?

After quarantine!

So in the other picture, you will probably be seeing that there is a girl surrounded by her friends.

As I had told you, there is always a back story so, it’s also in this.

The art shows how will it be when I meet my friends after a long time. I wanted to express my thoughts in the drawing.

Hoping for the best!

I am hoping and praying that the world comes out of the COVID-19 problem. And we are able to meet our friends, cousins and grandparents.

Till that time, I will write more articles and my next one is THE SURPRISING TRUTH ABOUT BATS.

Thank you

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Sanaa Celly

Grade 5, Scottish High International School, Gurgaon, Haryana

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