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Date : 5 September 2019

  • Educators Speak
  • Leeba George

Teachers, the eternal learners

When teachers love to learn, their enthusiasm naturally inspires students too. Students also feel free to share their knowledge and ideas with the teachers, which help them to build confidence and grow into independent thinkers.

Technology, the integrator

21st-century educators have to experiment with new tools and techniques that can be enhancing both their own and their students learning.

Integrate technology in the classroom to truly inspire and advance student learning. We must educate our students to learn appropriate ways of communication through technology. We must ensure that not too much dependence on the technology that may affect their creativity.

Shared and not hierarchical learning

Sharing expertise and experience and communicating and learning from others is an important part of the learning and teaching process. Therefore, teachers, today must value working with others be comfortable contributing their unique ideas and perspective within a team.

Students need more opportunities to learn how to brainstorm and think creatively in order to succeed. So, the 21st-century educator makes it a priority to motivate children to be inventive, resourceful and expressive.

Fellow educators, don’t forget, that you are important, your students need you.

Be PROUD to call yourself ‘teacher’. Happy Teachers Day!


Leeba George

Teaches Computers to Grade 1-8, Guardian Public School, Kochi, Kerala

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