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Date : 23 April 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Hannah

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges faced by the human race. There is no country in the world is not experiencing the drastic effects of climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions are 50% more than in 1990. From the California fires to the persistent droughts in the southwest to the record flooding in Europe and Asia, not a single country has been spared.

The Earth’s temperature depends on the balance between the energy entering and leaving the Earth. Many factors can disrupt the harmony between them. Prior to the Industrial Revolution in the 1700s, most of these factors were natural. But now, the main causes of this imbalance are human activities, which release harmful gases and other pollutants. Carbon dioxide (CO2) released by burning fossil fuels and Methane (CH4) produced during the decomposition of wastes in landfills during rice cultivation as well as during ruminant digestion are examples. These two are greenhouse gases. Excessive amounts of these gases lead to global warming which in turn leads to heating up the Earth. This leads to the melting of glaciers and natural disasters.

Given below are some tips to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and save our planet:

  • Two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions are linked to burning fossil fuels for energy. By switching to green electricity, we will be able to accelerate the move to renewable sources and reduce CO2.
  • A bank generally works with the money you deposit and use it various projects, which may include arms trade and to support environmental destruction. Instead, we could switch to sustainable alternatives where the banks are transparent about what happens with our money and we can even decide to use our money for funding renewable energy or reforestation projects.
  • Meat and dairy production is estimated to be responsible for 12-17% of the total greenhouse gas emissions. Using organic food and reducing meat and dairy consumption can help in protecting the environment.
  • The number one power-guzzler in the entire world is video streaming services. We can reduce our digital footprint by downloading rather than streaming a particular show or playlist anew each time. We can also help by switching green search engines like Ecosia, by avoiding buying unnecessary and even cleaning your Email inbox.

Climate change is accelerating, bringing the world dangerously close to an irreversible change. If we don’t act fast, the environment will be destroyed. So, let’s join hands and work together to protect Mother Earth.



Grade 3, The Choice School, Kochi, Kerala

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