My Expressions

Date : 26 February 2021

  • Young Voice
  • Suhani Khemka

A chicken was standing amidst the depths of the mythical forest in its search for the magical zebra, tired and weary about to lose hope when a strong beam of golden light flashed on it from behind the trees.

The Golden bush, the best-known forest, was a dreamy place to live in which was blessed with lush green trees, crystal clear rivers, ripe juicy fruits, medicinal leaves, and as folklores said, magical creatures known as ‘wish granters’. One of the wish granters was the Zebra called Zanzabar, who, as believed, lived in the forest and could transform your appearance.
The chicken, never happy with itself and sick of always staying unnoticed, small, and ugly came across the complacent and gorgeous deer peacefully grazing in the emerald green meadows. As it went near to talk to the deer, he proudly said,’ My life is so perfect, everyone loves me and there is nothing to worry about.’ Little did the chicken know about the dangers of being a deer, it blindly believed the cunning deer’s words and followed its advice. All the deer wanted was to prove the existence of Zanzabar because for believing in it he was considered foolish.

Walking down the path of the deer’s guidance, the chicken set off for the magical forest in search of the zebra. After walking miles, the sun was starting to sink and so was the chicken’s heart. Finally, it reached its destiny. A flash of golden light shone from behind the tree.

Zanzabar existed, sitting peacefully, looking as if it were meditating. Hesitating the chicken explained his problem and said the convincing lines taught by the deer. Zanzabar wanted to teach the chicken a lesson once and for all. It fulfilled its wish and in the wink of an eye, it turned into a beauteous deer. Filled with gratification it thanked the Zebra and happily set off for its home. So engaged in admiring its lustrous coat, it did not notice a tiger hiding behind the bush. As the tiger jumped on it, it let out a loud scream and realized its big mistake which could cost him his life. Before the tiger could injure it badly it slid off and ran back to the zebra.

Zanzabar thought it right to forgive the chicken since it had learnt its lesson and turned it back into a chicken on its request. From then the chicken was happy with what it had and the way it looked and never wished to get something else or be someone else.



Suhani Khemka


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