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Image depicting family day

Family Forever

Image depicting family day

Family is inestimable than a jewel
And more prominent than a treasure.

A family is a place where
Where you find love ceaselessly.

A family is where life blossoms with love
And terminates with affection.

Family is perpetually there with you
In every moment of your life.

No matter that you the pleasure because of success
Or blues because of failure.

A family is the germ of life
And constantly a key to eternal delight.

In a family
Mom’s affection is greater than any inclination
And dad’s concern is greater than any attention.

The world asks how much your earn
But only mother asks what you have for your lunch.

Your family never deceives you
It always esteems you.

The family never destroys your heart
It always guards your happiness.

No matter what is there forever
You can never be alone when the family is together.

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Rashi Shrivastava

12, Fortezza, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

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